About Us

About Us

SEEK is an organiztion engaged in Skill Development, Career Development Guidance and Academic Consultancy aimed at enhancing the employability of the youth of our nation through techniques mastered by our trainers. Our training courses are designed taking into consideration the background of the Course Paticipants and the organiztion. Our short courses are customized as we do things a little differently than other training companies you may have worked with in the past. We research skill gaps and then design course in great detail to help Course Participants and the sponsoring company to the next level. Having this capability inhouse allows us to conduct an in-depth training needs analysis, pinpoint urgent skills gaps and design practical learning modules which are highly relevant to our working environment. SEEK is an organization managed by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who bring with them a cumulative work experience of more than 100 years. With their deep understanding of the human resource and an in-depth knowledge of the industry requirement, they provide practical solutions to overcome challenges both in personnel management and technological issues. The main focus of SEEK is to establish strategic partnerships with various role players and stakeholders in order to ensure the provision of skills delivery in line with the needs of the industry.



SEEK is committed to scientific advancement, technological progress and economic growth of the country through human resources development


To empower youth and those interested to benefit through innovative programmes addressing the current and emerging needs of the community by making use of the knowledge, experience and expertise of our facilitators

We Work With

  • Corporates (all sectors)
  • Government organisations
  • BPOs/Call centres
  • Academic institutions (students and faculty)
  • Other training providers looking to outsource
  • Event management and related companies
  • Recruitment / placement agencies
  • The general public
  • Groups and indviduals

Types of programmes offered

  • Customized trainings/workshops/seminars/Guest lectures as per the specific requirements of the clients
  • Flexible service delivery venues
  • Outbound training services
  • Modules / Topics can be offered individually or in any combination
  • The duration can range from 2 hours and go upto several days as per client requirements.

Soft Skills Process & Methodology